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Theology of Human Spirituality 

This course introduces students to the seminal subject of “being.” Students examine God as “Being,” explore human “being” and its implications, and examine ideal human “being” as found in the resurrected Christ.

Theology of Personal Emergence 

Students analyze the remarkable journey inward and outward in personal development, including the role of courage, decision making, and interaction with the inward and outward world of the individual. This course introduces the efforts of prominent scholars in the field of psychology and then develops a biblically sound theology of personal emergence. Students explore this journey including its necessity, dangers, and navigation, recognizing that personal emergence is the only avenue to the fulfillment of one’s personal possibilities and destiny.

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Application Deadline 

December 9, 2019

Theology of Vision 

In this course, students explore both the ethereal and the practical aspects of vision—what it is, how it comes, and its primacy of place in effective ministry.  The course also includes discussion of the contrasts and interplay between visionary and managerial ministry. Biblical as well as historical models are researched, with emphasis on applicability to the individual.

Theology of Mission

Authentic mission always derives from vision and leads to action. Beginning with these connections, this course exposes the student to the origins, characteristics, and methods that are revealed biblically for mission with the goal of equipping the student for effective missional activities.

Theology of Process and Action 

In this course, the role and nature of process, program, and planning that lead to effective ministry are discussed. Students explore precedents to spiritual action, the nature of such action, and the results that one can expect. The goal is to assist students in avoiding ineffective actions and enhancing spiritual returns on efforts.

Explore visionary leadership, how it comes, and its primacy of place in effective ministry!

Gain valuable insights into the role and nature of process, program, planning and spiritual action!